Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trailer: Dream House

Universal and Morgan Creek have put up a trailer for Dream House, the thriller that stars Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. The film will be released September 30. The trailer certainly lays out a lot of the plot, and it is highly reminiscent of The Shining?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

TV Preview: Ringer

Buffy fever was in full force at Comic-Con today when fans turned up in droves to see former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar who appeared to promote her new CW mystery drama Ringer.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man

Looks like Summer of 2012 is going to be another superhero summer. Hot on the heels of Dark Knight Rises trailer comes this one for everyone's favorite web slinger.

Featurette: The Evolution of the Revolution

Interview: Robert Downey Jr. at "Captain America" Premiere

Robert Downey Jr. talks to LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman at the premiere of “Captain America” in Hollywood.

Featurette: Star Wars Deleted Scenes

The forthcoming Star Wars Blu-ray release will feature deleted scenes from the original trilogy. A sneak preview reel was just screened at Comic-Con in San Diego. Without any further fanfare (as if that were needed), here it is!

TV Preview: Dexter: Season 6

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Posters: The Thing Prequel

The prequel to John Carpenter's remake hits theaters October 14, 2011.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Trailer: Hugo

Martin Scorsese was very vocal on 3D technology about two years ago when James Avatar became the highest grossing film of all time. The Oscar-winning director claimed that “3D is liberating. Every shot is rethinking cinema.” Now, two years later, we're finally getting our first look at Hugo, a thirties period piece based on the book The invention of Hugo Cabret and set in Paris about an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The first full trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes sequel A Game of Shadows has hit the web. It’s not unlike the trailer for the first film really, except for Holmes in drag.
Sherlock Holmes has always been the smartest man in the room… until now. There is a new criminal mastermind at large—Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris)—and not only is he Holmes’ intellectual equal, but his capacity for evil, coupled with a complete lack of conscience, may actually give him an advantage over the renowned detective.

When the Crown Prince of Austria is found dead, the evidence, as construed by Inspector Lestrade (Eddie Marsan), points to suicide. But Sherlock Holmes deduces that the prince has been the victim of murder—a murder that is only one piece of a larger and much more portentous puzzle, designed by one Professor Moriarty.

Mixing business with pleasure, Holmes tracks the clues to an underground gentlemen’s club, where he and his brother, Mycroft Holmes (Stephen Fry) are toasting Dr. Watson on his last night of bachelorhood. It is there that Holmes encounters Sim (Noomi Rapace), a Gypsy fortune teller, who sees more than she is telling and whose unwitting involvement in the prince’s murder makes her the killer’s next target. Holmes barely manages to save her life and, in return, she reluctantly agrees to help him.
The investigation becomes ever more dangerous as it leads Holmes, Watson and Sim across the continent, from England to France to Germany and finally to Switzerland. But the cunning Moriarty is always one step ahead as he spins a web of death and destruction—all part of a greater plan that, if he succeeds, will change the course of history.

All Seven Harry Potter Movies Recapped

Benny and Rafi Fine, whose fast-talking skills rival the FedEx guy, impressively — and hilariously — give the gist of a very detailed decade-long story by explaining key terms (a Muggle is a “non-magic folk, duh!”), sharing common criticisms (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is “the [most] pointless movie in the series”) and bringing up some confusing twists (why did the evil Slytherin house even exist in the first place?!). We’re going to watch this vid a few more times as a helpful catch-up guide before the saga goes “Evanesco!”

Trailer: The Thing Prequel

<a href='{from}&videoId=f749b83d-e1d0-4983-a918-a9c3914b03c0' target='_new' title='&#39;The Thing&#39; Movie Trailer' >Video: &#39;The Thing&#39; Movie Trailer</a>

The Thing prequel stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Dennis Storhøi.

Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., paranoia spreads like an epidemic among a group of researchers as they’re infected, one by one, by a mystery from another planet. Paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has traveled to the desolate region for the expedition of her lifetime. Joining a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across an extraterrestrial ship buried in the ice, she discovers an organism that seems to have died in the crash eons ago. But it is about to wake up. When a simple experiment frees the alien from its frozen prison, Kate must join the crew’s pilot, Carter (Joel Edgerton), to keep it from killing them off one at a time. And in this vast, intense land, a parasite that can mimic anything it touches will pit human against human as it tries to survive and flourish.

The prequel to John Carpenter's remake hits theaters October 14, 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Posters: The Dark Knight Rises

Teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises

Hundred of fan-made Dark Knight Rises posters have been circulating since the film was announced, but it looks like we finally have an official teaser poster. It's actually not too far from what fans have already imagined, which makes us wonder if perhaps Warner didn't draw a little inspiration from its fans.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trailer: Immortals

Visionary director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) and producers Gianni Nunnari (300), Mark Canton (300) and Ryan Kavanaugh (The Fighter) unleash an epic tale of treachery, vengeance and destiny in Immortals, a stylish and spectacular 3-D adventure. As a power-mad king razes ancient Greece in search of a legendary weapon, a heroic young villager rises up against him in a thrilling quest as timeless as it is powerful.

The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. With ruthless efficiency, Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king’s mission.

As village after village is obliterated, a stonemason named Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge the death of his mother in one of Hyperion’s raids. When Theseus meets the Sybelline Oracle, Phaedra (Freida Pinto), her disturbing visions of the young man’s future convince her that he is the key to stopping the destruction. With her help, Theseus assembles a small band of followers and embraces his destiny in a final desperate battle for the future of humanity.

Posters: The Cabin in the Woods

This The Cabin in the Woods poster was tweeted by actor Brian White yesterday. Though it's interesting that Fran's image is strikingly similar, in the sense that it's identical, to a Dollhouse promo pic. Unfortunately, it's fan made.