Monday, February 25, 2013

Humor: Kids Oscars

TV Trailer: Game Of Thrones Season 3

In the first season of Game of Thrones, the Stark motto was the recurring refrain: “Winter is coming.” As we enter the third season, the warnings have gotten even more ominous: “Death is coming, for everyone and everything.” This new trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night, and while it’s only 60 seconds long it’s certainly enough to get fans excited all over again.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Critique: Everything Wrong With Inception

Cinema Sins is back with my favorite series, "Everything Wrong."  This time, they tackle Inception, and while they make a lot of valid points, they're not nearly as hard on it as other films they've done in the past.  Combined with their last comment, I take it that the Cinema Sins crew approves of Nolan's masterpiece, which is awesome, as it's my favorite film.

Featurette: Building a Digital New York for Avengers

When you're sitting through Avengers, there isn't a doubt in your mind that the action is taking place in New York city, but you might be surprised to discover that only a tiny fraction of the film was shot in the city.  The overwhleming majority of the climactic battle scene was shot in front of a green screen using a cityscape created from thousands of pictures of New York.
"Although roughly a third of “The Avengers” is set in New York City precious little was actually filmed there. ILM crew members photographed 7-miles of city streets from a variety of heights and at different times of day totaling 250,000 images. The crew then digitally recreated roughly 20 square blocks of mid-town Manhattan using a variety of techniques. Live action shoots were held primarily on sound stages in New Mexico and in the streets of Cleveland."